This is an insurance service provided by Lipa Later Limited to cover your consumer electronics.

We provide an annual cover against:

  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Loss
  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Loss/damage or deterioration arising from wear and tear.
  • Loss or damage due to theft or attempted theft by any relative or employee of the owner.
  • Loss or damage occasioned through the wilful act of the owner.
  • Unexplained loss.
  • Loss/damage recoverable from any other insurance.
  • Loss/damage as a result of war, radiation, terrorism or political violence.

NB: Devices covered- selected models not more than 24 months old ( less than 2 years since item was bought).

  • Pairs and sets
  • Watchman warranty
  • Riots and Strikes
  • Political Risks and
  • Terrorism Exclusion
  • Hazardous Goods warranty
  • Safe and Books clause
  • A duly filled in application form
  • Payment of premium to Lipa Later Paybill- Business no. 174199, Account no. INSURANCE
  • Upon receipt of payment, an e-receipt will be shared to customers email for confirmation, within 48 hours (The insurance cover is immediate upon receipt of payment)

There are free data recovery solutions currently available in the market. Many smart-phones and tablets come with pre-installed applications or allow users to download applications that can back up data.

Possible, as you can register multiple devices using the same National ID or Passport number. However, the cover for each device will have to be purchased separately and each device will have a unique policy number

There is no limit, however if you claim, the policy for that device expires, and you may need to renew if you want to be insured.

After a device is declared lost or damaged beyond repair, Lipa Later Insurance cover for the device will expire and you will need to apply for a replacement cover as we will replace your device. 

However, if your device is damaged and then repaired and returned to you, the Lipa Later Insurance cover for that device will continue and you will not have to apply again.

The claiming steps are as per below:

  • Fill in our simple claim form online
  • Submit Claim
  • Submit necessary documents- For theft: include a police abstract and a phone blockage certificate from network provide, all within 48 hours
  • Pay the excess to Lipa Later Paybill- Business no. 174199, Account no. INSURANCE
    (Excess: 10% for each and every theft or damage, minimum amount of KES. 5,000.00)
  • Upon receipt of payment, you’ll receive an SMS and an e-receipt to your email for confirmation within 48 hours
  • Claim settlement- Item is replaced or fixed (No cash exchange) Within 21 days
    NB: You have to pay the excess before a claim settlement

Yes it can, however the new phone should not exceed the price of the previous lost/stolen or damaged device.

Yes, however you will have to top up the difference. 

If, however, you redeem your Replacement Limit for a device that costs less than the amount of your Replacement Limit, you shall not receive a refund

  • Yes. You can use the balance of your Replacement Limit to get an additional phone, tablet, charger, battery, cover or set of earphones- Note that we do not reimburse cash.
  • When you sign up for Lipa Later Insurance there is a 30-day waiting period for both accidental physical damage and loss/theft. This means that if your device is damaged or stolen/lost within the policy period, that claim is not payable.
  • Lipa Later Insurance covers devices up to a maximum of 2 years from the date of  purchase indicated on the purchase receipt or warranty for the device.

Yes,  When making a claim under Lipa Later Insurance, we will require you to submit the original or certified copy of the Electronic Tax Register (ETR) purchase receipt or a written confirmation of purchase and warranty on the letterhead of the authorized dealer who sold you the device. This receipt or warranty MUST show the year of purchase and month that you provided when you signed up for the policy.


Therefore, we advise you to only sign up for Lipa Later Insurance for devices for which you have the original or certified copy of the ETR receipt or warranty showing the date of purchase. This ETR receipt or warranty must display the name of the dealer, the make & model of the device, the IMEI no. of the device, the date of purchase and the amount paid. Photocopied receipts must be certified by the retailer who sold you the device

We recommend that you make a copy (photocopy or scan) of your receipt before it fades and have the retailer certify this copy. Please store the original receipt with the photocopy and submit both when making a claim. Please note that claims submitted with photocopied receipts may take longer to process

In this case, please provide a completed police abstract with the details of your lost ID or passport. Please note that claims submitted with police abstracts in place of IDs or Passports may take longer to process.

The premium charged is 10% of device value for an annual cover.

Yes, we offer 2 options-  either one off which is 10% of device value charged or IPF (instalments) which is charged at 13% of device value spread over 12 months to get a monthly fee.

Devices are replaced or fixed within 21 days after payment of the excess is made.

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